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What's Inside VidElation Charismatic Characters?

Hi JVs!

Shelley and Niranjan here. Welcome to VidElation Charismatic Characters.

VidElation Charismatic Characters is a studio quality animated characters package that will have your subscribers BEGGING for access.

The front end is a total of 200 character animations. A total 10 characters with 10 different animated poses in color and the same animations in whiteboard ready black and white. They are animated professionally in a style that has proven highly desirable in the past.

ALSO INCLUDED are 10 professional backgrounds animated and static in color and black and white, and 20 props animated and static in color and black and white.

They are being provided in SWF, MOV and GIF as well as static version in PNG, making them compatible in virtually any software for videos and presentations. They can also be used on websites, in powerpoint; just about any graphics and animations software you can think of!



Get ready for big sales with juicy commissions and $1900 in JV contest prizes, plus more incentives during the launch period!



MOST animated character packs are not suitable for whiteboard stories and doodle videos, but OURS are! We provide our characters in both color AND black and white. Even the ANIMATED characters come in black and white.

Make any kind of video you want! We've got you covered!

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Subject: Create Ultra-Engaging Videos In MINUTES!
Subject: 1040+ Mind-Blowing Video Assets To Make Your Videos POP
Subject: Animated Videos Are Easy With This New Pack!
Subject: Create Pro Videos That Make YOU More MONEY!
Subject: Add Engaging Animated Characters & Animated Backgrounds In Minutes!
Subject: Charismatic Characters for Video.
Subject: Make Your Videos Come Alive with Charismatic Characters!
Subject: WOW! 1040 Animated and Static Premium Assets for Explainer Videos


Hi [[firstname]]

It’s hard coming up with fresh content for my animated videos. I struggle all the time with this. I’m not an animator… I’m just a marketer trying to make a good video that will help my business grow.

The problem is, good animated assets that represent real businesses and everyday people… well they aren’t easy to find.

Boy was I excited to hear about this new animated package by VidElation called Charismatic characters. It’s a package with over 1040 different assets! WOW! That’s huge!

All of the assets come in animated and static versions in color, but here’s something new! They ALSO come in black and white versions for my clients who want whiteboard action!

The characters are dressed in “real people” work clothes too, because we all know not everyone spends their days in a suit and tie!

Besides professionally animated characters, this package ALSO has animated and static backgrounds in color AND in black and white, and animated and static tools in color and black and white!

Go grab VidElation Charismatic Characters pack NOW! It’s only available at the launch price for a very short time!





Hi [[firstname]]

Do you struggle to get your videos noticed? Do customers stop watching your video before they get to the end? Do your videos look like everyone else’s?

Now here is the solution to make your videos STAND OUT from the crowd and finally get attention from your viewers.


Shelley Penney and Niranjan Pradhan have just released a brand new HUMONGOUS pack of animated characters, backgrounds and props. All of the assets come in animated AND static format which makes them compatible with pretty much any software for making videos.

AND GET THIS… They ALSO come in Black and White! EVEN the animation are delivered in black and white as well as color! This is really cool – people love doodle videos but I’ve never seen any with animated characters!

There’s a total of 1040 files in this massive package.

You better hurry though- When this launch is over, the price will triple! You will never get a better price than right now !


Now you’ll be able to create interesting, engaging and unique videos in a matter of minutes!

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Your Name


Subject: Animated Characters FINALLY in real worker clothing!
Subject: BIG animation pack for your local business videos.
Subject: Pro animated blue collar working pack for your vids.
Subject: Wow do I ever love this new animation pack for local biz
Subject: Down with suit and tie animated characters! 


Hi [[firstname]]:

I’ve been making videos for local business customers for a little while now.

Whenever I have a tow truck business, a beauty salon or local housecleaning service customer contact me, I cringe. That’s because I know I am not going to be able to give them a video with characters that represent their business!

I buy up just about every character pack I can get, and I’ve spent a lot of money on them. There’s never a shortage of characters for Lawyers, Doctors, Stock Brokers, Insurance Brokers and Real Estate agents. These people wear suits and business wear when they work, and animators have been marketing to that niche for a while.

But I’ve been looking for blue collar working character animations for all the OTHER businesses and I’ve had a hard time finding any!

So I’m really excited about this new Animated Character pack called Charismatic Characters by VidElation. They have a male and female attorney animated set, but that’s where the suit and tie ends! The other characters are mechanics, hair dresser and barber, lock smith, and housecleaners… you know… real people doing real jobs!

These people are SO needed! I can hardly wait to get my new videos to market. There’s hardly any competition in these niches right now!

The main offer has over 1000 different files! They come in animated AND static but get this… they come in black and white too! EVEN the animations are available in black and white.

AND there are backgrounds and tools to boot as well!

Get Charismatic Characters here [[LINK]]


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Hi [[firstname]]:

What if it were possible to transform your explainer videos OVERNIGHT into an eye magnet that people can’t stop watching!

The secret is in using characters that people can RELATE to!

Shelley Penney and Niranjan Pradhan just released their brand new Charismatic Characters, featuring characters that represent REAL working class professions; mechanics, barbers and hair stylists, cleaners and the like!

In this package you will receive animated Characters in color PLUS some animated backgrounds and tools to match, and get this… they come in Black and White animated too! Now you can make true ANIMATED whiteboard videos! How cool!

Don’t miss out on this crazy deal!


If you act NOW and buy through my link, you will also receive these super hot bonuses:

Special Bonus #1: Super Sound Effects- Get 500 sound effects that add the professional finishing touch to any video! Use these sound effects and your clients will think your video was done in a studio!

Special Bonus #2: 20 HD Cartoon Backgrounds. Yes, it’s true! I am adding another 20 beautifully drawn backgrounds to add stunning EYE CANDY appeal to ANY video!

Special Bonus #3: Sales Video Formula. No longer struggle to make your sales videos! Follow this comprehensive course and start making videos that SELL! Blow your competition out of the water easily when you learn the Video Sales Formula that the BIG DOGS use!

Each bonus has been carefully chosen to help you make the best videos of your life!

See VidElation Charismatic Characters and my bonuses here….




Subject: FINALLY- Animated Characters That Don’t Wear A Suit And Tie! 
Subject: VidElation Charismatic Characters That My Customers Can Relate To!
Subject: LOOK! Animated Characters in CoverAlls! A New Local Video Opportunity!
Subject: Many Workers Don’t Wear Suits! Neither Do VidElation Characters! 

Subject: VidElation Is Here! These characters aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty! 



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